To bring back to the Order of Malta’s Hospital and Clinics the strong and perceptible sign of that attention to beauty and art which, for centuries, has characterized the therapeutic and health activities of the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem: this is the main objective of the project “Art takes Care”, promoted by the Embassy of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta to the Holy See and sponsored by Angelini Industries, presented on Monday, October 9, in Rome, at Casa Litta-Palazzo Orsini, at the presence of authoritative Guests and Speakers, including Vittorio Sgarbi, Undersecretary of State for Culture and Don Fabrizio Colonna di Paliano, Receiver of the Common Treasury of SMOM.

The project aims to equip the Hospital of San Giovanni Battista alla Magliana in Rome and some of the Order’s Clinics in Italy (plus some abroad) of the works of Massimo Listri, master of architecture and environment photography, with the intention of improving the well-being of the patients through the beauty of art, as a therapy for the soul. A significant mission that is well expressed in the homonymous publication that accompanies the project, “Art takes Care. Architecture and perspectives of Massimo Listri in the places of care of the S.M. Order of Malta”, published by Allemandi, which collects the suggestive shots of interiors of Maestro Listri.

“The project ‘Art takes care’ is a source of pride for us. It is a return to our ancient origins, of which we want to preserve a strong and intact memory. Also in the “Regulations of the Sacred Infirmary of Malta”, dating back to 1725, we find the value attributed to decorating with works of art the dormitories of the Hospital of the Order, thus recognizing a direct link between mood and health of patients. Thanks to the generosity of Massimo Listri it has been possible to renew this commitment through a concrete project that makes hospitality and care its key points and that finds in Massimo Listri a natural reference given the harmony, the grace, the elegance and the balance of his magnificent photographs”, says Antonio Zanardi Landi, Ambassador of the S.M. Order of Malta to the Holy See.

A commitment, therefore, of high social value that is fully part of the Order of Malta’s vocation and consists in considering beauty as an integral part of that medicine of spirit and soul that can bring comfort even in situations of illness and difficulty.

“The collaboration with the Embassy of the Order of Malta to the Holy See was an extremely happy opportunity. I am pleased that my images can play a therapeutic role for the soul, bringing comfort in the places of care of the Order to those who face situations of pain and difficoulties. The large interiors and the architectural representations at the centre of my shots are well suited to the environments of the Order’s clinics and hospitals, involving the viewer in a vision of beauty and harmony”, says photographer Massimo Listri.

At the presentation of the project “Art takes Care”, in addition to Ambassador Antonio Zanardi Landi and the Undersecretary of State for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi, were present as Speakers Maestro Massimo Listri, Don Fabrizio Colonna di Paliano Receiver of the Order of Malta’s Common Treasure and Fr Alessio Geretti Art Events Manager for the 2025 Jubilee.

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