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Venice Conference “West and Orients”- march 10th/14th

The Order of Malta, with the participation as a speaker of Ambassador Zanardi Landi, is present at the inaugural session of the Venice Conference "West and Orients", an important event of reflection and of necessary dialogue, indispensable, especially today in relation to the great geopolitical tensions between Orient and West.


X Global Baku Forum – “The World of Today: Challenges and Hopes” 9 /11 March 2023

Invited by Rovshan Muradov, General Secretary of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center - an international, non-political organization dedicated to build dialogue and mutual respect between cultures and peoples- Ambassador of the SM Order of Malta to the Holy See, Antonio Zanardi Landi, took part in the annual Global Baku Forum, which for its 10th Edition 2023 was titled “The World of Today: Challenges and Hopes”.


Humanitarian Activities

After the restoration of Casa Litta - Palazzo Orsini at Teatro Marcello, completed between the end of 2019 and the whole of 2020 where the Embassy has its headquarters, thanks to the generous support of a group of Italian and foreign friends and sponsors, the Embassy itself has resumed its activities hosting an increasing number of events and donating the resulting contributions to the direct support of a number of charitable and assistance works

International news


A new shelter for the homeless in the heart of Rome

It took four years, partly because of the pandemic, to complete the work, but finally an important Order of Malta project in Italy has seen the light of day. In…


Meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

On Friday, March 17, the Ambassador of the Sovereign Order of Malta in Ukraine Antonio Gazzanti Pugliese di Cotrone held a working meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs of…


The situation in Lebanon in talks with Prime Minister Najib Mikati

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati had talks this morning at the Magistral Palace with the Grand Chancellor of the Sovereign Order of Malta, Riccardo Paternò di Montecupo. After the meeting,…