The Order of Malta’s commitment in Ukraine – “Conversation-Lunch” at Palazzo Orsini


The Ambassador of the Order of Malta to the Holy See hosted in Palazzo Orsini a “Conversation-Lunch” with eight Vatican correspondents from the major sectorial Press (Ansa, La Repubblica, Sky TG24, Aci Stampa, La Croix, Vatican Radio), the Grand Chancellor and the Grand Hospitaller, back from his journey in Ukraine.
The journalists had the opportunity to deepen the central themes of the Order’s humanitarian activity and the various sectors of intervention, remaining particularly interested in the “psychologic help for traumatised children” and in the “clinic of prostheses”, a mobile Laboratoty that the Smom inaugurated in September 2022 for the realization of prostheses to help the war wounded who have lost one or more limb.
The initiative, whose investment amounted to one million euros, was carried on as part of the numerous projects of the Order’s Organization operating in the Country, the Malteser Ukraine, with a humanitarian perspective focused on the human person and looking to the post-war period.

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