X Global Baku Forum – “The World of Today: Challenges and Hopes” 9 /11 March 2023

X Global Baku Forum – “The World of Today: Challenges and Hopes” 9 /11 March 2023

Invited by Rovshan Muradov, General Secretary of the Nizami Ganjavi International Center – an international, non-political organization dedicated to build dialogue and mutual respect between cultures and peoples- Ambassador of the SM Order of Malta to the Holy See, Antonio Zanardi Landi, took part in the annual Global Baku Forum, which for its 10th Edition 2023 was titled “The World of Today: Challenges and Hopes”.
The International Forum convenes more than 400 Heads of State and Government, leaders from the public and private sectors, Nobel Laureates and civil society, providing an opportunity to discuss the ways and means to overcome some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
As Former Diplomatic Adviser to two Italian Presidents and Ambassador of the Order of Malta to Vatican, Zanardi Landi talked in the Panel titled “Reinventing Multilateralism: a new era of non-alignment'”.
During a debate moderated by M.Yves Leterme, Prime Minister of Belgium from 2008 to 2011, and attended by the Presidents of the 75th and 77th General Assembly of the United Nations, Mr Volkan Bozkir (Turkey) and Mr Vuk Jeremic (Serbia), Ambassador Zanardi Landi spoke of the crisis that has affected the entire system of the International Organizations and Multilateralism itself, linking the phenomenon also with the war in Ukraine and with the rising of new groups of states that do not side with or against the countries in conflict.
The birth of a new Non-Aligned Movement seems far away, also due to the lack of any ideological glue between countries that refuse to take a position on the current crisis, and the phenomenon seems to fit more correctly in a community of temporary interests between the countries that constitute the so called Global South.

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